I-Bus Master Project

Are you trying to to use a stereo head unit or navigation/screen setup from a BMW in another car, but, it says "--DISABLE--" or won't power up. The problem is probably that it requires an I-BUS. You could take the instrument cluster from a BMW and wire it up just to enable the stereo or you can use my I-Bus Master module. Hook it up to +12V, Accessories, Ground and it will generate the I-Bus signals you need to enable the stereo, turn on video screens and when you turn off the car it will turn everything off properly and go into low power mode. Cost of the module is $35 with wiring harness and instructions. The unit is 3/4" wide by 2-1/4" long. It will be encased in heat shrink tubing so you can throw it behind the dash and not worry about it shorting against something.

If interested contact me at: SCOTT@BMWGM5.COM