I-Bus to Radio Head Unit Project

I-Bus to Head Unit Project - Allows you to use steering wheel buttons to control aftermarket stereos with wires remote inputs from Sony and Pioneer.

There are also 5 discrete outputs (J4) that can be activated based on I-Bus messages. For example, when Track Forward and Track Backward are pressed on the steering wheel outputs 1 & 2 could be activated. It's not just limited to steering wheel button presses. It could look for a Reverse gear message and activate one of the outputs and when any other gear is selected the output is deactivated. This would be useful for enabling a backup camera. J1 connects to the car. +12V, ground and IBUS. J2 connects to the aftermarket stereo wired remote input. D2 is an activity light that blinks when a valid I-Bus message is received.

If interested contact me at: SCOTT@BMWGM5.COM

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